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Example 1

In the diagram seg.PQ çç seg.BC

l (seg.AP) = 30 ft.

l (seg.PB) = 20 ft.

l (seg.QC) = 16 ft.

Find l (seg.AC).


Example 2

In trapezium ABCD, seg.AB çç seg.DC. PQ çç DC

l (seg.AP) = 8 l (seg.PD) = 10

l (seg.BQ) = 6 find l seg.QC.


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5.1 Introduction
5.2 Ratio And Proportionality
5.3 Similar Polygons
5.4 Basic Proportionality Theorem
5.5 Angle Bisector Theorem
5.6 Similar Triangles
5.7 Properties Of Similar Triangles

Chapter 6

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