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16.2 Mirrors

Plane Mirror

The reflected rays PR and QS diverge from each other, therefore, they are extended backwards to meet at I, the image I is therefore the virtual image behind the mirror. From the geometry of the ray diagram, it is obvious that v = u. The image of a finite sized object in a plane mirror is virtual, erect, laterally inverted, behind the mirror and at same distance as the object. These are obvious consequences of the laws of reflection; these characteristics of the image are illustrated in Fig. 3



16.1 Laws of Reflection at plane surfaces
16.2 Mirrors
16.3 Laws of Refraction at plane surfaces, Refractive Index and Critical Angle
16.4 Refraction at curved spherical surfaces and Lens makerís formula
16.5 Lenses
16.6 Refraction in Prisms, Prism Formula
16.7 Dispersion of Light, Angular Dispersion and Dispersive Power
16.8 Optical Instruments and Magnifying Power

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