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Now before going for the topic " solving general triangles", a student must know some important results which are known as "properties of triangles" you are already known to Law of sines, Law of cosines and Law of tangent etc. in addition to this you must know the following formulas as well.

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where s = 1 /2 (a + b + c) i.e. half the perimeter of triangle ABC.

Solving General Triangles

It is a procedure which can be categorized into several distinct groups, depending upon the nature and contains of a problem.

SSS : To Solve the triangle when all the three sides are given.


Suppose a, b and c are given, use Law of cosines for each angle,

1. Solve D ABC, given a = 30.3, b = 40.4 and C = 62.6


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3. 1 Solving Right Triangles
3. 2 Law of Cosines
3. 3 Law of Sines
3. 4 The Ambiguous Case of Law of Sines
3. 5 Areas of Triangles
Supplementary Problems

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