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11. 15 The Exploration of Outer Space

Exhibit 11.4

The US flag is placed on the Moon

Exhibit 11.5

The Soviet space station MIR

In the 60s, the USSR made spectacular strides in the field of astronomy. By building a rocket booster engine larger than that of the U.S. the USSR marched right ahead in exploring outer space. But the U.S. joined the race and soon surpassed the Russians. While the Russians launched 15 more satellites after the Sputnik, the U.S. launched about 46 earth satellites and space probes.

Some of the U.S. achievements in space are:

Pioneer V, in solar orbit sent radio messages to earth from 23,000,000 miles. This feat indicated that communication between planets was possible.

Transit 1-B and 11A were forerunners of accurate world wide navigational systems, which could operate in bad and good weather.

Midas II was the forerunner of a satellite which could warn the approach of enemy missiles. The horrifying part about the Russian space program was that now Soviet scientists could send five ton capsules into orbit. The rocket booster engines of the USSR revealed that Khrushchev was not talking in the air when he warned that Russia had the military power to rain missiles on American cities.

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11.0 - Chronology of Major Events in this Period
11.1 - Conditions at Home
11.2 - The Employment Act
11.3 - The Taft-Hartley Labor Management Relations Act
11.4 - The Truman's Civil Rights Program
11.5 - The McCarthy Period
11.6 - The Cold War Abroad
11.7 - The Korean War
11.8 - The Eisenhower Administration
11.9 - The Civil Rights movement and the question of Desegregation
11.10 - The Labor Reform act
11.11 - The Budget
11.12 - The Economy in the 60s
11.13 - The Communist Threat Abroad
11.14 - The Threat of Nuclear War
11.15 - The Exploration of Outer Space
11.16 - The Geneve Conference on Disarmament
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